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self check-in instruction

First of all contact me via WhatsApp to communicate the arrival time. I will send you the exact location of the entrance via WhatsApp. When you are in front of the gate, contact me to open the main gate. mobile +39 392.0578586 - Paolo.

Your apartment
apartment "Masseria"

To arrive at your apartment you can enter from the main gate and follow the street on the right along the wall.

at the end of the wall you will find this gate, pass through and turn on the left to arrive to the masseria.

cancello posteriore masseria.png
IMG_1307 (1).JPG
road to Masseria.jpg

Park the car in the parking areas.

You will find your keys on the door.

In the apartment you find the remote control for the main gate, but I suggest you to use easily the "masseria entrance".

ingresso masseria.png

This is the entrance of the masseria; park here. 


There is a little orange key you will use to switch on the elecricity; it goes on the wall as you enter in the apartment on the right.


At the back of the building you find a Jacuzzi and a stone BBQ

mappa servizi.jpg


The pool area is open 24/7 is not guarded so please if you are a not good swimmer or have child, be careful, please use float. It is obligatory use the shower and foot washer before enter in the water. 


Coffe area. Automatic machine for your coffe or tea. There is also a fridge you can use for keep cold your stuff by the pool.




Loundry. Free use the washing machines. Please not more then two at the same time


Tennis cort. It is free but It is obligatory use the appropriate shoes for clay court. No running shoes! There is a timetable close the coffe area where you can book your play.


Bowling green.


Bicycles. Free use of bike.  

mappa dintorni.jpg


Some services of what you can find around the property

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